I have cancer.

As difficult to comprehend as that might be for my friends and family, its even harder for me to type for such a public audience.  I feel like throwing this message out there will take a little weight off of my shoulders – it’s not something I can or really want to hide from, after all.

I realized there is no good way to sugarcoat this difficult message, so I might as well be blunt.

Specifically, I have Stage 3 colon cancer.

I have had two colonoscopies and 2 surgeries in the past month.  They removed about 10 inches of my sigmoid colon as well as the 4cm tumor that had been calling my body home for who knows how long.  The pathology showed that the tumor was cancerous, as well as 2 of the 13 lymph nodes they removed during the surgical procedure. Fortunately, we caught it before it metastasized to other organs, for which I am very blessed.

The main surgery went very well and I am recovering nicely. We have such a great network of family and friends who have already reached out to help and show their support, to whom I am and will be forever grateful.

I will be starting a 6-month chemotherapy program on Monday October 12.

I’ve had a lot of people as what they can do to help. Here is what I ask:

I’m not looking for people to feel sorry for me; support is so much more powerful than sorrow.  Feel thankful that I was given a sign to go to the doctor.  Feel good about my current health and know that I can beat this horrible disease.  Feel love for more people in your own lives.  Feel in the moment more often, appreciate the little things.  Take a moment and just feel LIFE.

Above all else, please pray.  Pray for me if you wish, but please pray for strength for my family, specifically for my parents and my wife Chrissy.  I cannot imagine the pain they are going through right now.  Pray for the doctors and the medicine that helps us all get better, no matter what the condition.  And pray for your own health too – it’s easy to take it for granted.

Things don’t happen TO you; they happen FOR you.  I heard this the other day and I love it.  It might be difficult to grasp when something serious happens, but it is so profound.  I am going to take this diagnosis as an opportunity to do good things for people. I’m not yet sure how, but I know I will.

I may have cancer, but cancer sure as hell doesn’t have me.


Love to all,